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The Process


Fill out the form above or contact me directly


Fill out a fun, short questionnaire so i can learn more about you


choose a day, time and location for the shoot


sign contract & Secure with a deposit


How many pictures will we receive?

This all depends on the package you choose! Here is a breakdown.
30 minutes: 50-75
1 hour: 75-125
1.75 hours: 125-200
4-6 hours: 350-500
8 hours: 500-750
10-12 hours: 750-1000

How do we choose a location?

Is there a certain place that means something to you? Is there somewhere you have been wanting to check out? Where do you guys like to go together? Is there somewhere that matches your personality and interests?

If you couldn't think of anything, that is totally okay! Part of my job is to help find a place that best represents you! After initial contact, I will send over a questionnaire so I can get to know you more and will then make suggestions based off of your answers!

How should we dress for our photo session?

Outfits!!! This is such a fun part of the experience, in my opinion. What I usually suggest is to go with neutrals, you can never go wrong with a nice combo of beige, black, white, and other earthy tones. If that doesn't represent your personality as much, I recommend adding an accent colour that your group can coordinate around!

We don’t feel very confident in front of the camera, is that ok?

Oh my goodness, if I had a dollar every time I have heard this, I'd be rich! All jokes aside, this is a totally normal and human concern. Especially if you have never been in front of the camera before. But don't worry about a thing, another part of my job is to make you feel comfortable and confident. To ease your nerves, I am super laid back and just here to capture moments. You can expect me to be giving you fun prompts to loosen you up and get you out of your shell. Trust me, it works every time. The couples who are the most nervous, turn out to be the most fun and the photos reflect it!